Josh Beckett

Josh Beckett is the Red Sox pitching ace.

He pitches with power, style and grace.

Firing pitch after pitch with overwelming stuff.

Every game he starts, we know he’ll be tough.


Calm and deliberate his delivery explodes towards the plate.

A screaming fastball, seals the batters fate.

Helpless to even swing, the hitter takes a seat.

In appreciation, the Fenway Faithful rise to their feet.


Inning after inning Beckett sets’em down.

Leaving opposing hitters with nothing but a frown.

Pitching with precision and an intimidating presence,

to the opposition he is nothing but a menace.


Confidence is high when it’s Beckett’s turn to start.

We know he’ll bring all his fire and heart.

That’s why we call him our number one ace.

With Beckett leading the way, we’ll always be in First Place!!!!


Dustin Pedroia

A huge swing and a bigger result.

He gives the team a mighty jolt.

He uncoils his swing with all his might.

It’s like his taking vengeance for every slight.


Works and grinds all day long,

to show the world he is strong.

Raps the ball from pole to pole,

displaying coordination and bat control.


At second base he makes the play.

Amazing us everyday.

Diving stops and stellar turns,

his will to win always burns.


With Perdoia leading the attack,

the Rays know were on a comeback.

A leader and winner all the way.

He will make sure we carry the day.

An Ode to Youk

The ultimate Dirt Dawg, grinding away.

Working and studying to improve his play.

Constantly adjusting and figuring things out.

Hustle and heart is what he’s about.


He switched from 3rd without a snag,

and learned to play that 1st base bag.

Errors are few, and great plays abound.

Youk never fails to astound.


No matter the situation he’ll make a play.

Youk’s the man to save the day.

A key base hit, or a great diving stop.

His glove takes away, and his bat has pop.


Youk is the team’s heart.

Willing them on right from the start.

With him in the line-up rest assurd.

A Red Sox victory is secured.

Papelbon Seals the Deal

It’s the bottom of the 9th, the Sox up one.

Three outs to go, but the game feels done.

Out from the bullpen, he suddenly appears.

The opponents worst nightmare, their biggest fear.


Papelbon enters, and strides to the to the mound.

He finishes his warm-ups, with no nerves to be found.

Toeing the rubber, he forcefully exhales.

He glares for sign, this look could melt nails.


The batter cringes, and the ball goes by.

It came so fast, he couldn’t even try.

Two more strikes and he’s done.

Papelbon laughs, he’s having fun.


Batter number two is shaking like a leaf.

His at-bat will be just as brief.

Three straight fastballs blow him away.

Papelbon’s having another easy day.


Batter number three steps to the plate.

He strikesout after three straight.

Three outs and the game is won.

That’s how a Papelbon save is done.


Red Sox opponents don’t feel bad.

You gave it everything you had.

But when we’re ahead Paps is coming in,

To close the deal on another Red Sox win.

For the Faithful

A fans job is difficult at best.

At least on off-days players can rest.

We sit around, and worry and bicker.

Checking for updates on ESPN’s Sports Ticker.


Season’s come and Season’s go.

Rosters change with a steady flow.

Through thick and thin we cheer them on.

Hoping and praying it makes them strong.


We build them up to achieve unattainable heights,

then pick them up when they lose a fight.

We proudly display our team colors,

and proclaim them the best, above all others.


The Faithful have hope no matter the score.

Because we love the Red Sox down to our core.

We’ll fight for their honor against any foe.

No matter the battle, we’re ready to go.


The Red Sox need us strong and true,

so don’t let hard times make you blue.

Have fortitude Faithful because we all know,


Red Sox Fan

What does being a fan mean to me?

Is it just enjoying every victory?

Or is something even more?

As a Red Sox fan, what’s in store?


Being a fan means taking the good with the bad.

It’s being happy, angry, mad and sad.

It’s a roller coaster ride of emotion.

Your body and mind in constant commotion.


Being a Red Sox fan means you are there during thick and thin.

It means no matter the score you won’t give in.

Being a Red Sox fan means you never waiver.

Even if the team begins to labor.


Being a fan is hard on the heart.

It’s something the weak better not start.

It’s 12 months a year of joy and pain.

Your family and friends will think you’re insane.


But then it happens, they get in your soul.

You start to scream and cheer out of control.

You memorize the schedule and the pitching rotation.

You follow them to every location.


They become a part of you.

And when they don’t play, you don’t know what to do.

You learn all the stories and memorize all the stats.

You jumps up and down during all the at-bats.


I’m proud to be a part of Red Sox Nation!!!!!

The team has brought me much elation.

This fans ride has been a dream.

The Red Sox will always be my team!!!!

Go Sox!!!!

Jon Lester

From oblivion he returned to play.

Despite Cancer clouding many a day.

With courage he mustered the strength to comeback.

And instead of Cancer winning, Lester went on the attack.


His confidence has peaked, he burns in strike one.

He dissects each hitter, until the game is won.

Lester wiggles out of trouble like a ten year vet.

Destroying every challenge he has ever met.


When the pressure tightens, Lester stays relaxed.

Never allowing his opponent a chance to comeback.

He navigates the game like the Captain of a ship.

Staying clear of danger and not letting a lead slip.


Lester is the one we want in the fray.

We proudly send him out every fifth day.

With Lester we know the game is in control.

He is the pitcher to keep us on our winning role.